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CFS Helicopter Pilot Training

CFS Helicopters

CFS are delighted to be offering full helicopter pilot training as a new addition to our portfolio. For further information please visit the CFS Helicopters microsite.

The Arabian Dreamseeker | Start with PPL and finish with ATPL


It’s April 2013, and Hassan Karem has just landed from Bahrain. He’s dreamt about this moment of becoming a pilot for as long as he can remember. You have already followed his progress on Facebook since he arrived. And this is the final film to show you how he made his dream real; but of course with a total team effort from CFS.

Hassan Says
“I feel when I arrive at heathrow for the first time scared actually, and then when I meet my instructor Adam, I relax…. Actually, I was surprised by the first time I coming here to Cranfield, because, you know when I am coming here, I feel like I’m at home”

Hassan came to CFS for an intensive course to complete his PPL, in just 5 weeks. And he did it! And so can you!

In his own words;
‘The most important day is that day when my instructor told me that

Anam Mamud; Live Your Dream Scholars 2013 | CFS and Sennheiser


IMG_0056A little bit about me: So, for those of you who don’t know me personally, I thought I’d do a little introduction to me. My name is Anam- my friends like to call me “Top Gun” though, because I’m a [trainee] pilot- and I’m quite short (like Tom Cruise in the movie. I know, I have weird friends). I’m 17 years old, in sixth form at my local school, and I’m studying A level Maths and Physics (which are super difficult) and French and Spanish. Other than flying, I enjoy writing; science and space (NASA!!) are two of my favourite things to talk about (don’t get me started); and I couldn’t live without music (I know, gripping stuff). Oh, and I forgot to add- my number one hobby is catching up on all the homework I’m behind on. Sixth form is no picnic.

I really love flying. Those of you who have read my blogs will probably have realized that by now, but I’ll say it again- I really love flying. What could be better than soaring a couple of thousand feet above the rest of the world?

The first time I thought about flying as a career was last year, coming up to my GCSE exams. I was wondering what kind of career path I wanted to go into, what subjects I should choose at A level to help me reach that career, etc. Obviously, I’m interested in science, and space, so I’d been toying with the idea of going into a field of work involving aeronautics, physics and space, because my life practically revolves around the three :)

And then I saw a documentary about pilots and careers in aviation. And I thought to myself, ‘wouldn’t that be a fantastic job?’ But I didn’t really think I could become a pilot. However, my parents thought it was an interesting idea, and my mum actually said ‘Why not? You’re perfectly capable of it’.

So my parents made a deal with me, saying that if I got good grades in my GCSE’s, they’d let me have a few flight lessons. I studied hard, and actually ended up with really good grades- and as soon as the weather started getting nice, I was off to Cranfield to take to the skies!

After my first flight experience, I was

“Live Your Dream” – Sennheiser & CFS 2013 scholars at EGTC


We only get one chance at life and at Cranfield Flying School (CFS) our aim is to help students make it in Commercial Flying, setting them on a career where their office is the cockpit and the sky is their workplace.

Audio specialist Sennheiser UK in partnership with CFS have awarded two applicants as part of the 2013 Sennheiser “Live Your Dream” scholarship, a program designed to assist people with a passion for flying by easing the financial barriers whilst providing motivation in their flight training. From the many applications received via, 17 year old Anam Mamud, and 14 year Harry Ball were selected on the merit of their application to be the recipients of the 2013 ‘LIVE YOUR DREAM’ scholarship at Cranfield.

The scholarship will provide £1000 contribution towards flight training on a Private Pilots Licence (PPL) course, Sennheiser’s latest S1 headset and an Airbox Runway HD app for the iPad. CFS will provide 10 dual flying hours for the scholars and waive all written exam fees for the PPL.

“Sennheiser has been supporting the broader aviation community since the early eighties, when we launched our first aviation headsets,”

commented Dave Dunlap, Director of Sennheiser Aviation.

“With our Live Your Dream initiative, we are taking an important step towards encouraging aspiring pilots to take the next step in realising their aviation goals. We want to help make the path towards a career in becoming a pilot easier and through the CFS, more informative and more fun in the hope that anyone with a passion for aviation takes the next step in realising their dreams.”

CFS offers a wide range of flying courses for students seeking to

What if I have an overseas licence, can I convert it to an EASA licence?

Under Article 8 to EU EASA regulation 1179/2011 all flight training can count towards the issue of the licence. However, to get a professional EASA licence, you will have to prove two things; firstly your technical knowledge and secondly your skill.

You prove your technical knowledge by doing the EASA ATPL written exams. If you already have a foreign equivalent issued professional licence, you will be exempt from some of the 650 hours of training requirement. The maximum reduction is down to 250 hours.

For the flight training, if you have a professional ICAO licence you’re exempt from doing any flight training but you will have to meet the requirement for the standards for flight test. Typically this will entail 5 – 10 hours of local area familiarisation to bring you up to standard plus the skill test.

For the Instrument Rating (IR) conversion, the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) have

How much does it really cost to learn to fly?

Looking in the UK aviation press, you’ll see the Private Pilots Licence (PPL) courses being advertised anywhere from £3,500 up to £8,500. So how much does it really cost?

Well, in terms of flight hours, the minimum PPL course duration is 45 hours, but this is just the minimum hours requirement and most people take a little longer. At current rates (typically dual instructor £150 per hour for a standard two-seat trainer) 45 hours is going to cost £6,750 – almost double what some claim they can train you for.

In additional to the flying, you will need to pass seven (soon to become nine) written exams, costing around £25 each.

You’ll also need to pass a medical, another £150, and