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In the UK, there are two training options for those that want to become a professional pilot; the Integrated or the Modular route.

Now meet Mo Collins, who started as an integrated student with Cabair, who went out of business, then continued his training at Bonus Aviation who unfortunately also closed, but was rescued by and finished his training at Cranfield Flying School (CFS). The course price for the Modular ATPL ground and pilot training at CFS is around £29,000 – more then half that of the Integrated training option.

Mo’s family support was what got him through his training; so how will he now get his first job and flourish as an airline pilot?

A huge thanks goes out to the events team at Dunsfold Park for allowing us to film at the aerodrome (home to Top Gear). Team CFS plans on going to their Wings and Wheels event in August – come with us!

Cranfield Flying School is committed to opening horizons for people so that they can fly higher professionally, socially and physically. Every student that CFS teaches has the potential to be a heavy jet pilot

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