Once you have achieved your PPL and want to extend the use of your licence to earn some money from your flying then you will need a Commercial Licence. There are a number of ways in which this can be carried out and the best way to explore the options is to come and visit us and one of our experienced instructors will guide you. At Cranfield Flying School we use the modular system of training rather than the integrated system you find at many other flying schools. This enables the student to be much more flexible in the way in which they train. It can be spread over a longer time span and can be carried out in any order he or she wishes. And importantly the cost is much lower.

The simplest way to achieve a CPL is to carry out a minimum of 25 hours flying, some in complex aircraft, combined with some instrument flying appreciation either in an aircraft or simulator. But, in order to start this course you will need to have flown a minimum of 150 hours, so usually a component of hours building is incorporated into such courses. In addition, as you would expect, there is also some ground school and examinations to pass.

However, most people going for a commercial licence want to fly jet airliners and this requires more extensive training, including acquiring an instrument rating and multi –engine rating, and more exams. Passing all of these tests gets you an MEP CPL IR rating (Multi-Engine, Commercial Pilot, Instrument rating) or what is commonly called a Frozen ATPL.

In the next section we have given some prices for different courses, but each individual will vary depending upon their experience prior to enrolling on the course.

Basic CPL

TheCommercial Pilots Licence allows you to carry passengers on Public Transport flights. In order to extend your PPL licence you will need to acquire a higher degree of pilot skills, accuracy and situational awareness. Our training is designed to give you these skills and you will carry out a Skills test at the end of the training.

The CPL is designed to be a full time course but can be tailored to individual commitments. The minimum flying training is 25 hours and you will need to pass 13 exams. For these exams you can self study or we can give you formal training through our partner company CATS.

Whats included:

5 hours dual training on Cessna 172 or PA 28 

10 hours on Piper Arrow (PA 28 R Complex) 

10 hours BIFM – (C172/PA28) 

ATPL Ground School    

Ground Briefings.


Pre Course Requirements:

 150 hours of total flying time.

18 years of age.


CPL/ATPL Theoretical Examinations completed.


Pre Test Requirements:

 200 hours of total flying time.

100 hours PIC

10 hours Instrument Flying

Night Rating

300 nm cross country

Class 1 Medical