Welcome to the excitement and challenge of flight training. We specialise in the training of those wishing to obtain their Commercial Pilots Licence, Instrument Rating, Multi-Engine Rating, Flight Instructor through to Private Pilots Licence and beyond. So whether you are a beginner or continuing your flight training; whether your personal dream is to fly for pleasure or to become a professional flight instructor, we will bring out the best in you.

Cranfield Airport is a busy general aviation airport situated in class G airspace, providing excellent facilities for training including VOR, NDB, ILS and VDF let-down procedures. Full Air Traffic Control (Aerodrome and Approach Control) is provided seven days a week, during Airport operating hours.Cranfield Airport is licensed by the CAA and maintained to the highest standards.

Cranfield Flying School (CFS) is one of Europe’s longest established flying schools and pilot training facilities. We offer pilot training courses that can prepare you for your first solo flight as a new pilot, through to giving you the professional pilot training needed to become a commercial airline pilot. All completed at our state-of-the-art Flight Training Centre at Cranfield Airport.

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Cranfield Flying School offers a wide range of flying courses for those seeking to start a career as a pilot or simply those that wish to experience the joy of hands on flight. Our qualified and experienced flying instructors will guide you through all you need to know to master the sky. For detailed course breakdown, click on the course title you wish to find out more about below.

Commercial Pilots Licence (JAR CPL): This Licence enables the holder to earn a salary from flying, for example as a commercial pilot flying for the airlines or as a flying instructor. It is a pre-requisite for pilots wishing to work as a pilot with an Airline. You must have passed the theoretical examinations for the Commercial Pilot’s Licence or Airline Transport Pilots Licence.

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Multi-Engine Rating (MEP): This rating enables the holder to fly multi-engine piston, land based aircraft. You must be a current PPL (Aeroplanes) holder and have at least 70 hours as pilot in command to meet the minimum requirements to commence this course.

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Flying Instructor Course (FI): This flying course enables the pilot to instruct students to PPL standard. Additional experience and training is required to teach night ratings, instrument flying, aerobatics, multi-engine courses and commercial flight training. You must hold a PPL (Aeroplanes) with 150 hours as Pilot in command or hold a CPL (Aeroplanes) with 100 hours PIC and have passed the CPL theoretical knowledge examination.

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Private Pilots Licence (JAR PPL): The Private Pilots Licence entitles you to act as Pilot in Command of single engine piston aircraft registered in the EC carrying passengers on flights anywhere in the world. The minimum requirements to commence the course include a class II medical (which can be organised by Cranfield Flying School, contact us for more information) and a basic school education.

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