The LAPL offers two great attractions. It is relatively easy to obtain, requiring only 30 hours flying and is inexpensive to maintain. The medical requirements are based on the DVLA Driver Standards and only require you to visit your local GP.

At a glance:

  • Covers single engine aircraft with maximum take-off weight of less than 2000kg. This will cover almost all single engine aircraft.
  • Minimum age for licence issue is 17 years. Minimum age for first solo is 16 years.
  • Minimum visibility condition for flying is 5 kilometres.
  • You can fly with up to three passengers in an aircraft after 10 hours of flying after licence issue.
  • Allows the licence holder to undertake additional training for tail wheel aircraft and aircraft with supercharged engines, variable pitch propellers, retractable undercarriage, pressurised cabins and cruise exceeding 140 knots. 
  • Maintained through a minimum of 12 hours flying and 1 hour flying with an instructor in 24 months.
  • Low cost General Practitioner medical certification following DVLA Driver Standards.
  • EASA PPLs lapsed due to medical reasons can be easily converted to LAPL.





Payable in 5 instalments:

  1. £799
  2. £1000 after 5 hours
  3. £1000 after 10 hours
  4. £1000 after 15 hours
  5. £1000 after 20 hours


  • 30 hrs training
  • Exams
  • Study pack + bag
  • CFS Membership
  • (saving of over £600)

*Does not include Flight Test and licence issue fees (detailed below)


Other costs to consider

Landings fees at other airfields (typically 7 @ £10-£15 per landing)
A CAA Class 2 Medical is required before going solo. Typical cost is


Flight Test & Licence Issue

Flight Test approximately 2 hours @ £150.00 (aircraft solo hire)
Examiner Test Fee (direct to examiner) 


Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) Charges

CAA Licence issue fee (direct to CAA)
CAA Radio Telephony Licence issue fee (direct to CAA) if applied as separate item




Total other training costs






Minimum required for PPL – 45 hours flying time (2 seater) 30 @ £160.00


9 written exams (£20.00) and 1 practical test (£90.00)
CFS Student Pooleys study pack (normal price £229.99)
CFS Annual Club Membership Fee




Total other training costs