As I am sure you are aware the airport management at Cranfield have been developing the facilities over the past couple of years and that this process has resulted in some disruption to our operations.  More recently, the airport has been implementing a project called ‘Digital Tower’ where the ATC operation is removed from the present tower to a remote location, not in direct site of the runways and taxiways. Visual work is to be carried out by a number of cameras located at key points around the airport. To operate and get this approved by the CAA, as you can imagine, requires some  intensive training of our ATC staff and this is about to start (20th October). To minimise the disruption the airport has informed us of two key changes that we will need to abide by until the new tower and staff is fully operational. Firstly, from the 20th October until probably the end of the year (maybe longer) the airport will be closed at weekends. Secondly, there will be a strict implementation of a 24 hour advance notice PPR system for all movements. Any departure slots which are more than 30 minutes later than agreed in the PPR will be deemed to have expired. Late changes may be permitted for, say, weather, but this cannot be guaranteed.


We are obviously disappointed at the disruption that this will cause to some peoples training. The airport have tried to minimise this, by doing this over the winter months etc. However, if this causes anyone particular difficulties then please let us know and we will see if we can find some workarounds. For those of you who have booked weekends we will try to find slots during the week if you can do this. For everyone training or hiring during the week,  please make sure you book your slots with the tower at least 24 hours in advance and then do your utmost to adhere to the agreed timing. If you are late then the likelihood is that you will lose your slot.


New Booking System

I am sure everyone will be pleased to hear that we have just implemented a new online booking system.

If you would like to use the booking system please contact Niazi who will send you an invitation to log on with a password which you can then personalise.

You can find the log on at

If you have any questions about the system please contact Niazi, Andre or Trix on 01234-752272

Touch and Go's

Unfortunately, the airport has decided to charge us for 'touch and go's' in the future and as a result we will now have to include these in our prices in addition to the hourly price. We did think of increasing our prices generally to cover this to keep things simple but we felt it would be unfair on those who did not want to practice landings. The price for each touch and go will be  £4. This will become effective from the 10th July 2017.

Price Changes


Price Increases

We regret to announce that we have to make a small increase in our pricing from May. Ourmaintenance costs and fuel are based on US dollars and these prices have now dramatically increased as old stock has worked its way through the system and we are now being hit by increases of the order of 20%.

We have tried to absorb these increases over the past 6 months but unfortunately the latest change in fuel price has taken us to the point where we can no longer keep the prices we charge stable.

Despite the size of the increase in our costs we intend to hold the increase we charge to our customers to less than 3%. This will mean an increase in our rates of £5 per hour. This will be effective from May 1st. For full details check out the website for a full price list. We believe we still offer one of the best deals in flying training in the UK. Our charges are totally transparent, (there are no hidden charges like landing fees, fuel surcharges etc), a nice fleet of aircraft which we are continuing to invest in,  a sophisticated airfield (the problems with ATC now resolved) and a helpful and friendly staff and environment.