Hoooray!!! After a long wait and much patience the airfield and the school are open again at Weekends. If you had let your training lapse or stopped flying then why not pick it up again where you left off. Or if you were thinking about learning to fly but held back because of the lack of availability of weekend time then why not give it a go.

Please call the School and book a lesson or if you are a fully registered member go onto our booking system and book yourself in.

Jim Busby


Saturday 16th November 2019 09:30-18:00hrs

London Gliding Club. Registration is required by email to Chula

For anyone interested in having some specific training in how to use the Radio properly and pass the RT exam then Chula is running a course as part of the London Gliding Club. This course is not specific to Gliding and will help anyone wishing to improve their Radio.

Anyone interested in this then please contact Chula direclt at

See link to the London Gliding Club invitation for more details.

Flying Instructors Wanted

One of the recent developments in the world of aviation is the huge demand for pilots as airlines from all countries of the world acquire new aircraft. This demand has reduced the availablity of instructos in the market and the consequence has been that we have lost a number of our core instructors. We are therefore looking to replace these, either on a full time basis or part time. We offer good market rates of pay and can offer good career development for aspiring instructors who wish to extend their range with Multi and IR(I) capability. We also offer FIC training courses for anyone wishing to move into the world of flying instruction.

Anyone interested please contact with CV.

New Booking System

I am sure everyone will be pleased to hear that we have just implemented a new online booking system.

If you would like to use the booking system please contact Niazi who will send you an invitation to log on with a password which you can then personalise.

You can find the log on at

If you have any questions about the system please contact Niazi, Andre or Trix on 01234-752272