More Airfield Closures



As many of you know already we have had to close the school regularly recently due to airport closures.

Unfortunately we were told last week that this is going to continue for some time to come.

The main problem looking in the months ahead of us is that the company that runs ATC at Cranfield do not have enough qualified controllers to keep the airfield open and it takes a long time to train up new ones. We are told that this could take up until March to resolve.

The outcome of all thisis that we have been told that the airport will be closed at weekends for the forthcoming future. Naturally we have objected to this, as these are our busiest days of the week, and there are ongoing discussions with the University and Airport management to see if there are other solutions such as Air Ground Radio cover during the weekends.

In addition to this, as has already been notified we are closed in the next few days because of the Cranfield Festival of Flight and then following this the airfield have decided to resurface the runway which will take another 3 days to complete. Which 3 days they will use is subject to the weather apparently as it has to be above 15 C and not raining!

We recognise this will be very frustrating for all our students and hirers and we apologise profusely for the incovenience caused as a result.  As you can imagine we are doing everything we can to try to resolve it.

As the situation is very fluid and subject to change and it is very difficult to manage so we will be posting dates when we will be open on this BLOG page so please log on here to find out the latest information. We will only be able to take bookings on the days when someone is present at the school.

As of 15th September the closed dates will be.

15,16,18 September

The school will be open on the 17th, the day of the festival of flight but there will be no flying. Anyone is welcome to come along to the school if they are visiting the Festival, and we can make bookings.

Open on Monday 19th.

Closed 20- 25th

Open on Monday 26th to Friday 30th September

Closed 1st 2nd October

Open Monday 3rd October to 7th October.

After that we will post regularly here the open days and let you know if anything changes.