Update on Opening Times

Hello Everyone,

As of today, Sunday 25th at 5pm, we believe that the runway will be open tomorrow and we should therefore be flying tomorrow as scheduled. So those of you who have booked please come along and lets hope that the weather is kind to us. I am sure we are all suffering from withdrawal symptoms... I know I am.

On the planned further closures, we do have an update. We submitted a proposal to the University to open at weekends using Air/Ground radio system which they have examined with SERCO, the contracted ATC provider for the airfield. SERCO. SERCO have come back and basically said that it would be too difficult to do to mix systems like this and anyway would take until March to implement, by which time they would have sorted the main problem of fully trained ATC staff.

They have told us that they have appointed two new trained controllers and that following validation at Cranfield they should start 'easing restrictions' at the end of November. Still not great but better than March.

We will let you know more when we find out ourselves.