Private Pilots licence

Initial training introduces the candidate to flight in a single engine aeroplane and starts with general handling until a good proficiency is obtained. Great care is taken to ensure that the basics of aircraft control and pilot scanning are learnt thoroughly during this stage. The next section covers practice in the airfield circuit where the candidate becomes familiar with airfield operations and skilled in normal and maximum performance take off and landings. This part culminates in the first solo flight. The next phase focuses on cross-country flight, which includes planning, visual and radio navigation, Air Traffic Control communication, practice diversions and emergency procedures, and operations at commercial airports. This part culminates in a solo cross-country flight of 270 km (150 nm) between 3 different airfields.

The final section consists of preparation and rehearsal for the PPL skill test. All manoeuvres are reviewed during this phase and the candidate’s proficiency is raised to the standard required for the PPL flight test. During the course the candidate prepares for and sits the PPL ground examinations.

The course satisfies the entry requirements for the JAR CPL / IR training and provides an excellent foundation for the advanced flight training. Download our training information pack

All training takes place in a Cessna 152 unless you wish to fly the C172 (4 seater) and comprises of :

  • 25 hours of dual instruction
  • 20 hours of supervised solo flight
Payment at Cranfield Flying School (CFS) is on a pay-as-you go basis, which means that the cost is spread across the time it takes you to complete the course and this is very much set at your own pace. The only upfront payment is annual membership of £125.

The images below show the costs in obtaining a Private Pilots Licence, if the course is passed in the minimum 45 hours. The training can be conducted in either the C152 (2 seater) or C172 (4 Seater) aeroplanes. Please click on the image to view the costings in PDF document format.

The PPL Confuser is a Questions and Answers Guide on all examined written subjects. The book contains mock examinations and is ideal for determining whether you are ready to take the exam for real. Students from time to time require a little help with the theoretical examinations and for this reason we offer ground school. At CFS we have dedicated lecture rooms for this purpose. Ground School is charged at £30 per hour and is carried out on a one-to-one basis. Ground School for the Radio Telegraphy practical exam is highly recommended.

CFS is happy to loan headsets (free of charge) to students, but we recommend that you purchase your own. Headsets vary tremendously in price from £70.00 to £600+. A good set will cost around £150.00.

CFS has a set of Union Aviation hand control (for C172) and a Vision Air hand control (for PA28 Warrior) for pilots with lower limb disabilities wishing to obtain their PPL or NPPL with us.

Additional charges are Examiner Fees and plane hire for skills test. We will tailor a course to suit your needs – we can provide residential courses if that is what you require and will take care of all your needs prior to arrival.

Contact us via email to find out more or for further information, please call us on: +441234752272