Cessna 152

The Cessna 152 is the workhorse of basic training all over the world. Many thousands of pilots have started their careers on a C152. It is a 2 seater aircraft and very easy to fly and the ideal aircraft for learning on. As a PPL you will spend most of your time in one of these. The school has 4 C152 aircraft, two of which are capable of flying aerobatics and we offer aerobatic training as part of our portfolio.


Piper PA28 Warrior

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The PA 28 is the low winged Piper version of the Cessna 172/182 Range. It can be used for basic training as well as more advanced training, hours building and travelling further afield than the basic trainer. It is a 4 seater very flexible aircraft.


PA 28 Arrow

The PA 28R is used for the next level up in flying. It is a complex aircraft with retractable undercarriage and a variable pitch propellor. This is used for training after you have achieved PPL level and wish to go on to more advanced training for a CPL (commercial pilots license), FIC (Flying Instructor Qualification) or Instrument Rating or ATPL.

PA 44 Seminole



The Piper Seminole is a twin engined aircraft used for the final stage for students wanting to obtain their commercial license or ATPL. On it you learn to fly and handle two engines and obtain your multi-engine rating. As a piper aircraft it will be familiar to all those students who trained with us on our PA28 aircraft.


For more advanced training we have a fully approved FNPT2 simulator. When you graduate to flying a multi-engine aircraft you can learn many of the basics and procedures without leaving the ground. Moreover, these hours spent learning on the simulator will count to the hours required for the instrument rating licence. The simulator can also be used for those who already hold a multi-engine instrument rating for  revalidation.